We list our volunteer opportunities on the volunteer portals shown below.  As each site has its own distinct foci, our opportunities may be presented somewhat differently on each site.  We encourage you to visit each of the different sites, not only to discover opportunities with us, but to discover all the different ways you can serve in general. The images do have active links to their respective organizations. Feel free to click through.

The Meetup Bountiful Churchyards link lists all the times and places staff and volunteers are meeting face-to-face as a group to work on projects.  Each of the Meetup events will have a specific theme, though some volunteers and staff will be working on other tasks.  The purpose of the Meetups  is primarily to create a sense of community as we pursue our various individual volunteer tasks.

The SmartVolunteer site is useful if you are highly skilled in some area and would locate our volunteer opportunities by skill sets.  We are in particular need at this time of photographers, theological or historical researchers and writers, food writers, a web designer or two with wordpress experience, landscape designers, and graphic designers.  We’d also like to have a lawyer on board to help us research, and write about,  liability issues congregations may face implementing edible landscapes or gleaning programs.

Check out Koodonation if you are looking for short-time, on-line, micro-volunteering opportunities. This site is particularly useful if you appreciate our cause, but don’t live close enough to visit in person.

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About the Author

Our Executive Director, Stu Richardson, is a former teacher with 25 years in K-12 classrooms. Currently an MDiv. student at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary preparing for ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Stu has an M.Ed from Chapman University and an Ed.D. from the University of San Francisco. Outside of work, Stu is a beekeeper with 30 hives of his own set in an organic herb garden. He uses a Worksman Low-Gravity Platform Bike with Extra-Cycle Freetail and a 6 foot Bike-to-Work Trailer for most local errands.